About Us

Why Bitter's Best Value Soft Plastics?

We take good baits and improve them to be more durable and practical.
  • One of the keys factors of a any bait is it's presentation - Each bait is formulated for its specific application. There is an extensive thought process behind each bait we manufacture. We took a hard look at the way certain baits are normally rigged and redesigned them to provide a more seamless presentation.


    • Our Salty Sling has the same salt density as the competition to give that seductive fall that makes a soft stickbait work so well on both active and inactive fish. Plus, our bait is formulated from a tougher plastic to stay on the hook better.
    • Our Bitter's Magic Wand is designed with a meatier head to accommodate a larger hook and a screw in weight. We also added a little more salt to keep the bait down in the water, where you want it.
    • Our Salty Hog has a larger diameter body to accommodate a larger hook, a rattle, and a screw in weight. The competition’s bait just does not compare.
  • More salt plus hog lard - Our salt is impregnated in the bait, not in the bag!
  • Special plastic and salt formulation to enhance action - This combination keeps you fishing longer!
  • Unbeatable color selection - We currently have over 130 colors options that our baits are available in. A small change in the shade of a color, or in the color mix can make the difference in the quantity and quality of the fish you catch.
  • More durable plastic stays on the hook better than the competition = More Bites Per Buck!!
    Our baits stand up to heavy use. You will get more casts and catches from every bait. That fact alone make the price you pay for out baits even more attractive!