Creatures & Craws

Variety that works!

Bitter's creature baits like the Salty Hog, Bitter's Bug, Bitter's Bat, Muskrat and 4.5" BFM. Craw style plastics are available in a 4" craw, Jitter Craw, and Daddy Jitter. Available in a huge variety of colors that will work in any conditions and water color.
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4" Switchblade New

4" Switchblade

The 4" Switchblade is great for bladed jigs and chatter bait trailers. It has rippled body like a be..


Ring-a-Ling New


This little bait is perfect for flipping and pitching into grassy areas. The Ring-a-ling has a litt..


Salty Hog

If you like fishing creature baits, wait until you tie on a Bitter’s Best Value Salty Hog. Most pe..


4" Craw

When you need a 4"Craw to flip or pitch to cover or as a jig trailer, this bait is what you want to ..


4.5" Daddy Jitter Craw

Meet the newest bait in our lineup, the Bitter’s Daddy Jitter Craw.  The Daddy Jitter measures ..


Jitter Craw

Our Jitter Craw is great for bass that are relating to the bottom. The Jitter Craw can be flipped, ..


Bitter's Bug

Flipping dense mats of vegetation with heavy tungsten weights and 3"soft plastic craws has been the ..


Bitter's Bat

Another popular addition to the Bitter’s Best Value line of soft plastics. We designed our Bitter’s..



Muskrat - One of the hottest baits around!! We designed our Muskrat to be an in-between size.Most an..


4.5" BFM

4.5" B.F.M. - Larger version of one of the hottest baits around!! We designed our 4.5" size B.F.M. f..