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4.5" Daddy Jitter Craw - Bulk Pack

Meet the newest bait in our lineup, the Bitter’s Daddy Jitter Craw.  The Daddy Jitter measur..


Bitter's Bug - Bulk Pack

Flipping dense mats of vegetation with heavy tungsten weights and 3"soft plastic craws has been t..


Bitter's Bat - Bulk Pack

Another popular addition to the Bitter’s Best Value line of soft plastics. We designed our Bitter..


Jitter Craw - Bulk Pack

Our Jitter Craw is great for bass that are relating to the bottom. The Jitter Craw can be flipped, ..


Muskrat - Bulk Pack

Muskrat - One of the hottest baits around!! We designed our Muskrat to be an in between size. Most..


4.5" BFM - Bulk Pack

4.5" B.F.M. - Larger version of one of the hottest baits around!! We designed our 4.5" size B.F.M. f..


5" Salty Sling - Bulk Pack

Our 5"Salty Sling is one of our best sellers for a great reason….it flat out catches fish!! Most ..


7" Salty Sling - Bulk Pack New

7" Salty Sling - Bulk Pack

Our 7" Salty Sling is terrific when a bigger stickbait is needed to trigger that big bite. Most pe..


Skip Shad - Bulk Pack

The 5" Skip Shad is one of our best selling soft plastic baits. Made to act like a wounded baitfis..


Bitsy Shad - Bulk Pack

The new 4” Bitsy Shad is a great plastic when the fish are keying in on smaller bait. This smaller j..


Naked Swimmer - Bulk Pack New

Naked Swimmer - Bulk Pack

See Why our Naked Swimmer is Quickly Becoming Hugely Popular!! The Naked Swimmer has quickly become ..


Little Swimmer - Bulk Pack New

Little Swimmer - Bulk Pack

At 3.5” long, the Little Swimmer is the Naked Swimmer’s baby brother The Little Swimmer is great o..


Buzz'N Gator - Bulk Pack

Buzzing soft plastic baits over grass flats and lily pads has been a popular and effective way to c..


6" Twin Tail Lizard - Bulk Pack

A favorite bait for a Carolina Rig or fishing for bedding bass. We designed this bait so the legs a..


3" Grub - Bulk Pack

These 3" inch grubs are very popular with saltwater and smallmouth anglers. Most anglers rig these..